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An exceptional hotel, both near and superbly far from time requirements. A place that discreetly cultivates excellence, authenticity and simplicity.

When you enter the NOMAD, you have a haven of peace inviting you for business trips as well as for purely relaxing tourist stays.

The NOMAD Hotel offers personalized service and First Class consideration.

Every day, all year long, for each stay

Welcome to the NOMAD

A magic place in the middle of the Sablière residential neighborhood, it is relaxing, and can also be chic or selective and/or secrete.
A certain conception of intimacy whereby you can deepen relationships knowing that the personnel is perfectly discreet and their presence totally attentive to provide with a refined environment.
We promote excellence, authenticity, simplicity and happiness wherein each on can experience the pleasure of feeling right at home.
The Nomad is made up of 40 suites entirely equipped (optional kitchenette), bar, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness room, massage salon, private parking lot, VIP salon, Seminar room that can welcome 150 people, and a Festival room of 1000 m² well adapted to weddings, conferences and shows.
Nearby, there is a supermarket, bank and bookshop with stationery.

Our Services

Free, on demand

Airport reception

Free Wifi with fiber optics

Unlimited Internet

24 / 24

Room Service

Take away meals all year long

Catering Services

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Ouverture du Dialogue Social au NOMAD Suites Résidence

  • le 2019-04-23
Le Premier ministre gabonais, Julien Nkoghe Bekalé, a ouvert mardi 23 avril un dialogue social, en présence de l’ensemble des principaux syndicats du pays.

Réunion - Club Tourisme de Libreville/Ministre du Tourisme au NOMAD

  • le 2019-04-08
Le bureau du Club Tourisme de Libreville a rencontré ce jeudi 4 avril 2019 Madame Marie Rosine ITSANA, Ministre du Tourisme, accompagnée des principaux responsables de son ministère.

Le NOMAD, nouveau partenaire de la LINAFP

  • le 2019-02-24
Le Nomad, Radio Gabon et SitiMobile ont rejoint le giron des partenaires de la Ligue nationale de football professionnel (Linafp), conformément aux conventions signées le 19 février à Libreville.